What Is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is an easy and relaxing form of art, you simply apply colorful resin "diamonds" to an adhesive canvas, like a combination of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers. 

This new craft is also very much similar to mosaic art, as it involves assembling colored pieces of glass or stone on a flat surface. The only difference is that diamond painting uses tiny resin rhinestones to create beautiful mosaic diamond artworks that sparkle, so it is also named paint with diamonds.

One of the most enticing aspects of DIY diamond painting is that this craft is ideal for adults, kids, and everyone. It is easy, fun. You could create a great work of art on your first try even if you do not have prior experience in this DIY craft. It allows you to stimulate your imagination, and showcase your creativity for the ultimate relaxation.

 what is diamond painting cross stitch 

What's included in a Diamond Painting Kit?

Diamond painting kit includes colorful diamonds, adhesive pre-printed canvas, instructions and all tools(drill pen, wax, tweezer, bead tray)


Step-by-Step Guide on How to Diamond Paint

- Unpack your 5D diamond painting kit, lay out the pre-printed canvas on a flat surface
- View the chart printed on the side of the canvas, each number corresponds to a particular diamond color, choose one color to get started with.
- Pour a few diamonds into the grooved tray
- Peel back a small section of the protective film to work on.
- Dip the tip of the applicator tool into the strip of wax, it helps you pick up the diamonds.
- Press the tip of the applicator tool on the faceted side of the diamond, place the diamond on the adhesive canvas based on the corresponding color code
- Repeat steps until you finish the project



The Difference Between Round and Square Drill

Diamond art revolves around terms that can be confusing to even the most fervent diamond painting lovers. During the process of laying your pieces, you will always come across words such as round drill and square drill. The distinction is very simple. A round drill is simply a round diamond, while a square drill is a square diamond.

Square diamonds: Take longer to complete but there is no gap showing, for a complete mosaic effect.
Round diamonds: Easier and faster to use. Gaps between diamonds appear apparent, but many painters love this look.

Diamond Painting Tips & Tricks

The beauty of engaging in 5d diamond painting is that it does not require previous experience. However, you need enough inspiration to produce top quality pieces consistently. Here are a few tips that can help you create exquisite masterpieces.
- When you finish placing your pieces, cover the artwork with a plastic sheet to preserve the stickiness
- Using a rolling pin, go over the canvas pressing down any loose crystals until they are securely in place.
- You may also stack heavy books overnight to make sure that the pieces bond appropriately
- Use baby wipes to make the canvas sticky again
From the look of things, diamond painting is not only easy but also therapeutic. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to unwind and stimulate your mind when you want to escape from the challenges of everyday life.
What is more amazing is that you do not have to be a great artist to indulge in this craft. You just need to invest in the right diamond painting tools and supplies to create vibrant art pieces.